Infoshare 2019 conference

Our collection of thoughts.



Dariusz Sobczyk

14 JUN 2019

This year was the first time when we attended the Infoshare conference. It was an informative and inspiring event. A few days later, we share our thoughts and key takeaways from the conference.


The conference was full of presentations divided thematically and happening at the same time on six separate stages. Due to their large number, we were not able to attend all of them. However, the ones we did were well worth it.

Tomasz Ducin, Functional Reactive Programming: Everything is a Stream.

Functional reactive programming is a hot topic that we have personally been interested in for some time. The presentation was a great occasion to listen to an expert to gain a deeper understanding. It was short but concise, and the speaker made an excellent job of explaining the concept. It strengthened our belief that it is a valuable technique for making more and more sophisticated systems a little easier to understand and maintain. It is rather an evolution instead of a revolution. We are far from rewriting all of our code, but we are going to keep the technique in our toolbox for future projects.

Lutz Haase, The Future of Healthcare.

Healthcare is an important topic these days. Every attempt to simplify access to adequate healthcare should have broad support. During the presentation, we gained insights into the directions in which technology companies are heading. A more widespread adaptation of personal health assistants is one of them. These are devices that are constantly monitoring our health and notify us in case there is something wrong going on. Another trend is about replacing physical visits at the doctor's office with remote examinations of patients. At least for the most common cases. A lot of the projects employ machine learning and artificial intelligence, which is a hot topic by itself.

Sean Percival, How to Grow Your Startup and Get Investors Interested.

It was a brilliant presentation with tips on developing a business and talking to investors. The thing that was the most memorable for us was a statement about validating business ideas as quickly (and perhaps dirty) as possible. We know from our own experience that it is not easy, especially for people who have that intrinsic drive to make everything polished from the very beginning. We had some discussions with startup owners at the conference where we found out that most of them made that mistake. They either tried to deliver a polished product in 1.0, or they didn't validate whether it solves the problem in the right way. It led them to a lot of frustration and complications later in the development.

Startup Expo

Startup Expo was a separated space for startups to showcase their products and interest potential clients and investors. We had many conversations with the founders and staff of those startups. Most of them were very open to telling in detail about their products and services. Although at the conference was a stage called Inspire, for us, the most inspiring were the conversations with people on the startup expo. We think it was one of the strongest points of the entire conference.


Another strong point of the conference was the number of opportunities to network. There were many separate networking areas where you could sit, drink a coffee, and talk with others. On the first day of the conference, there was a networking party with a live concert and an afterparty on the second day. Although we did not take advantage of it, the concept of speed dating seemed like an excellent opportunity for startups to approach like-minded people and investors. We hope to see even more startups in the next year.


We are glad that we have decided to attend the Infoshare conference. It is a perfect place for entrepreneurs, startups, and individuals interested in making the next step in growing their businesses. We learned a lot during these two days, but we also missed some opportunities. For the first-timers, the conference was a little overwhelming. At this moment we are convinced that we will take part in the next edition.

See you there next year.